1Dance Monkey - Tones and IDance Monkey
2No Time To Die - Billie EilishNo Time To Die
3Memories - Maroon 5Memories
4Reste - Maître Gims & StingReste
5Blinding Lights - The WeekndBlinding Lights
6Ride It - RegardRide It
7Breaking Me - Topic & A7SBreaking Me
8bad guy - Billie Eilishbad guy
9194 Länder - Mark Forster194 Länder
10Yellow Flicker Beat - LordeYellow Flicker Beat
11Sucker - Jonas BrothersSucker
12Underdog - Alicia KeysUnderdog
13Once In a Lifetime - The Night GameOnce In a Lifetime
14110 (Prolog) - LEA110 (Prolog)
15Rise - Safri DuoRise
16Finalmente io - Irene GrandiFinalmente io
17Release Me - HooverphonicRelease Me
18Rome - Kris Menace, GWYLO & MilléRome
19Down South (feat. Motheo Moleko) - Jeremy LoopsDown South (feat. Motheo Moleko)
20The Edge of Glory - Lady GagaThe Edge of Glory
21Born This Way - Lady GagaBorn This Way
22Pure Grinding (iSHi Remix) - AviciiPure Grinding (iSHi Remix)
23Here I Am - The ExplosionHere I Am
24(I) Can Can (You) - Vanessa-Mae(I) Can Can (You)
25Light Years (feat. Nikki Flores) - The MidnightLight Years (feat. Nikki Flores)
26Higher - Emmit FennHigher
27Battalions of Strangers - Fischer-ZBattalions of Strangers
28My Heart Went Oops - TiagzMy Heart Went Oops
29Winner (feat. The Ivy League) - Tim AkkermanWinner (feat. The Ivy League)
3033 (feat. NASAYA) - Jean Castel33 (feat. NASAYA)
31Cantando Mi Son (En Vivo en Canal 12 TV, 2016) - Calle VaporCantando Mi Son (En Vivo en Canal 12 TV, 2016)
32Herr, wenn ich nur dich hab, BuxWV 38 - La Rêveuse, Maïlys De Villoutreys, Benjamin Perrot & Florence BoltonHerr, wenn ich nur dich hab, BuxWV 38
33Sonata a 2 viole da gamba - La Rêveuse, Benjamin Perrot, Maïlys De Villoutreys & Florence BoltonSonata a 2 viole da gamba
34Sonata VI D-Moll, Op. 1, BuxWV 257 - La Rêveuse, Maïlys De Villoutreys, Benjamin Perrot & Florence BoltonSonata VI D-Moll, Op. 1, BuxWV 257
35Dixit Dominus, BuxWV 17 - La Rêveuse, Benjamin Perrot, Florence Bolton & Maïlys De VilloutreysDixit Dominus, BuxWV 17
36Love Me Like Crazy - Serge LegranLove Me Like Crazy
37So Blue - SondrSo Blue
38Fix Your Problems - Boye & SigvardtFix Your Problems
39Susan - The SoilSusan
40Never Ending Story (Soundtrack from Never Ending Story (Soundtrack from "Stranger Things 3") [Cover]
41London Love - WESLEELondon Love
42Too Proud (Kito Remix) - BroodsToo Proud (Kito Remix)
43Roman - Mashrou' LeilaRoman
44Radio Romance - Mashrou' LeilaRadio Romance
45Make a Sound - Autopilot OffMake a Sound
46Cortège et Litanie - Marcel DupréCortège et Litanie
47Electric (feat. Khalid) [Ryan Riback Remix] - Alina BarazElectric (feat. Khalid) [Ryan Riback Remix]
48Amor Silvestre (En Vivo) - Calle VaporAmor Silvestre (En Vivo)
49Que Manera de Quererte (En Vivo) - Calle VaporQue Manera de Quererte (En Vivo)
50Azuquita Pal Café (En Vivo) - Calle VaporAzuquita Pal Café (En Vivo)